We value relationships and communicate this through outstanding guaranteed products delivery.
We value relationships and communicate this through outstanding guaranteed products delivery.

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REMFILSON LIMITED deals primarily in the exportation of agricultural commodities; Hardwood Charcoal, Sesame seeds, Ginger, kolanuts, Raw Cashew nuts, Hibiscus Flower, African Foodstuffs, and Solid Minerals.
REMFILSON LIMITED was incorporated by Federal Affairs Commission as a Limited Liability Company, Licensed by Nigeria Export Promotion Council to carry out Exportation of Agricultural commodities in Nigeria.
We possess operations experience in exportation industry, our teams are well versed in all aspects of multiple logistics: From planning to implementing and maintaining business partnerships.
We pride ourselves on our proven track records for effectively planning and administering multiple implementations.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith, we grow through creativity and innovations. We integrate honesty and integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


Our goal is to manage and develop a strong base key customers, to build good reputation in the field of international businesses and become a key player in Exportation Industry.


We seeks to serve agricultural commodities importers and enthusiast by exceeding minimum acceptable quality standard and specification, sourcing the commodities by ourselves and by providing quality product.

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Our Objectives

At Remfilson, we serve! We seek to serve importers all over the world and Home buyers of Agricultural commodities, and enthusiastically by exceeding minimum acceptable quality standards and specifications, sourcing the commodities by ourselves and by providing quality products. We value relationships! we build businesses!!


We focus on locating and maximizing the utilization of our home based natural resources for the advancement of the country and the world at large.


To carry out our businesses with other company’s and countries with adequate diligence and integrity and to build last relationship with other businesses.


To provide Job opportunity for the youth in our community by adding value to our natural resources as well as to satisfy all our customers worldwide and meet the demand of international market in our spheres of influence.


At Remfilson, we are continually expanding on our knowledge and products we offer to assist our buyers with offering good product to their customers thereby increasing their image in their business environments. 

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We have well-trained workers. So we are positive in giving out quality dry charcoal, well- processed, dirt-free, non-sparkling, easy lighting, no dampness, No dust, and we make prompt delivery.

Joseph Aderemi


Oni Oluwatobi

Export Manager

Ezekiel Adebayo




Yetunde Oni


Samuel Adesanya


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