April 27, 2020

How to start Kola nut export from Nigeria in simple steps

Kola nut

Kola nut  export – If you have a knack for kola nut business, you probably desire to sell locally or export abroad for maximum return, whichever appeals to you, I implore you to read this guide with intense concentration, every necessary detail you need to succeed in this trade had been captured, to your success in advance.

Kola nut is one cash crop which demand has been on a steady raise, it’s traditional relevance across cultures, tribes and settings cannot be under scored.

In the Eastern part of Nigeria, it’s used to mark an occasion, entertain visitors as a way of showing acceptance to a place, can as well be taken home by a visitor to show such persons were duly accepted and probably message was well received.

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When a kola nut is broken, it’s customary that the eldest of a particular clan takes first, it goes sequel till the least of the representatives, this is to mean that everyone being represented is acknowledged appreciated, which after it’s been  taken, prayer is being said to the almighty God, who gives life and good tidings.

These among many are just few of its relevance in the East, occasions would hardly kick start without a kola nut, it’s just typical, and everyone does a lot to ensure this routine is followed duly.

Away from that, this guide is aimed at giving you enough education, how you can make the most of this cash crop, locally and internationally.

Economic and health importance of Kola nut

It has been found to have a lot of benefits to mankind, just like other cash crops, however as expected is unique in its ways.

  • It helps with weight loss
  • Used as an energy supplement
  • Anti-depressant
  • Lowers and decreases high blood pressure
  • It serve as an effective pain reliever
  • Its extract is used in production of beverages, energy drinks, cosmetics
  • Its intake aids digestion among other uses.

Countries with high demand for Kola nut

Just so you know there’s great potential for making enough cash in this business, some countries in Europe, America, Asia etc demand this cash crop on consistent basis, this stand to imply that whoever finds it suitable enough to export kola nut to these countries will be smiling to the bank on regular basis. These countries include but not limited to:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Brazil
  • UK
  • India
  • China etc

These are just some of the few countries who are key players in this business.

Exporting to one or two of these countries means you become a regular supplier with no seized income potential.

Where to buy or source Kola nut for exportation in Nigeria

Good product sourcing ensures you have a good deal, which translates to more money in your account, how?

You should understand that certain agro products are better sourced in unique locations, it affects prices and logistics.

Kola nut sells at cheaper price in localities than in urban areas, your ability to identify these locations and take advantage of sourcing and supply ensures you have a good profit in and out of the deal.

You may source your kola in any of the below areas;

  • Enugu local markets, Oji river, Ezeagu, awgwu, Udi etc
  • Anambra, nnewi local markets, Ozubulu, Ichi local market, Idemili, Nnobi market, Nwafor Uruagu, Igbo Ukwu market etc
  • Imo local markets and environs
  • Abia local markets and environs
  • Ogun markets
  • Kwara markets
  • Osun
  • Oyo
  • Ibadan and Ondo.

 Visiting and taking key notes of local markets in the aforementioned areas ensures you play in a win win situation.

How to source Kola nut buyers in the international market

Sourcing genuine and quality buyers for your goods is a top notch, the absence of buyers means you may not have your kola exchange to cash, however, exchanging kola to cash is the number one aspiration of any business man/woman who ventured into this trade.

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You may source buyers right from the comfort of your bedroom if only you know how, aside this, you could equally use other effective methods that have worked wonders over the years to step up your game. You may source genuine and reliable buyers in the following ways;

 1  register with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council

They will help with companies reaching out to them in line of your products, they get information on potential exporters, once you have access to the promotion Council, you can be easily contacted and linked up.

2. Get in touch with local agents

Keeping in touch with local agents of most foreign buyers will put you in good light should their parent company be in need of your line of products, as a matter of fact, they stand to know foreign companies who are in need of your products, it’s a win win situation.

3. Attend trade fare exhibitions organized by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council

In events of this nature, you stand to meet experienced exporters, they will guide you. They are ever willing to help, the experience you gain in such event is top notch, you don’t learn about them in a routine training. Take advantage of any when it comes your way.

4.  Do a variation of keyword search on Google

This is one of the most powerful ways to land your foreign buyers on your own.

Example, say you’re looking for Kola nut buyers in the USA,

Type “kola nut buyers + USA”

Go true the results on the search terms to see who is ideal for you.

When you  identify a company or agent you’ll like to work with, get in touch via their  email address and seek to fill their product needs.

Once you’re able to cement and close a deal, your journey commence.

You should succeed with a client after exchanging two to five mails based on product enquiry, specification and standard.

Having received a green light, to your success.

Do variation of keyword search for other countries where you will like to have clients, Google is a home of opportunity, utilize it to its maximum potential.

One problem with this method is that you risk being scammed by swindlers posing as companies and agents, to stay safe, do your due diligence, collect your payment in advance before shipping your goods.

5. Register on International trade platforms like Alibaba

Registering on Alibaba will help you come in contact with a good number of buyers who are in search of the product you supply.

How to receive payment for Kola nut export business

I’ll recommend safest ways to receive payment from a foreign buyer, this sums the whole process, if you can’t receive your money then you’ve got no business exporting. I think you should get acquainted with this before ever exporting to any country.

Cash in advance or wire transfer via bank account

This is a practice where you collect the payment for your goods in advance, this usually happens through bank wire transfer.

Credit sales/Letter of Credit

This is a process where the buyer obtains a credit from his bank, authorizing that his bank should pay the seller on his behalf through the seller’s bank.

The seller gets paid once the buyer confirms receipt of goods in good faith, document can then be released for onward clearing where it involves heavy item in a container.

Document against payment/Draft documentary

The seller uses the bank to receive payment, the goods are usually shipped with a bill of Lading through his bank, the bank then forwards it to the buyer’s bank in his country of residence, the buyer’s bank then collects payment from the buyer before releasing the product.

How to package and export your kola nut

There’s always a model you’re expected to follow and adhere to in every business, however, everyone has a unique identity and must be strictly followed.

For a start, you can venture into this business with about N70k to N100k as the case may be.

Having sourced kola from any of the aforementioned local markets, it’s your duty to keep it clean away from any form of black spot, according to buyer specification and demand.

Kola nut is packaged in paper bag, not nylon, this is to enable aeration, which ensures the kola maintains a good fit/look by the time it arrives the buyer’s location.

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These wrappers must contain at most a weight of 1kg. You’re expected to pack them in a carton that amounts to a total of 7kg which is approved and acceptable standard. By this, it means each carton should contain 7 packs made up of one 1kg each.

On this note, it’s fit and ready for export.

Exportation of kola nut

Against many ideologies, kola can be exported in a small scale other than going through large shipping.

Kola is exported via courier service, this is why you must maintain the necessary package requirements ensuring it does not exceed 7kg per carton.

Some of the courier service you may use are;

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • EMS SpeedPost
  • Zenith Carex International Limited
  • Creaseada International Limited
  • ABC Cargo
  • Rowsy International Limited
  • Sky Net Worldwide Express Nigeria
  • Fedex
  • Red Star Express etc


Do not forget we’re Hardwood charcoal exporters around the world, we meet buyer specification in line with industry best practice. Your destination is not a barrier, call in for your enquiry let’s commence delivery to your preferred location.

Start your kola nut export business today, and you’d sure be happy you did.

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