April 20, 2020

How to start lucrative Bitter Kola export business

Bitter kola export business

Bitter Kola export business – This is one of the Nigeria’s hottest non-oil exportable products that’s making millionaires on a steady count. A highly sought after product in the International market. Countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand etc are known to be on the forefront of list of countries that import bitter kola in large quantity.

Ideally, bitter kola as a product comes in different dimension, as well can be exported according buyer specification, it could be wet, dry or in powdered form.

What is Garcinia/Bitter Kola?

This is Garcinia Kola often called Bitter Kola, a flowering plant found mostly in the tropical rain forest region of Central and West Africa.

Socioeconomic Importance of bitter Kola

Bitter Kola has the following importance

  • Curing cough
  • Curing chest pain
  • Curing tooth ache
  • Rheumatism
  • Hernia
  • Dysentery
  •  Makes labor and easy delivery of baby etc.

More so, Bitter Kola is used;

In production of Kola soft drinks,

It is used in preparation of herbal drugs either as nourishment, supplement and herbal remedy.

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Significantly reduce eye pressure when used twice daily.

It’s used as substitute for hops in brewing larger beer, essentially prevents beer spoilage.

This is a product of research carried out in Ondo State Nigeria, Odigbo Local government Area of the state precisely.

Countries where Bitter (Garcinia) Kola are in high demand

It’s a common phenomenal to understand that wherever a product has a high demand, the sellers do cash in big time, that being said, it’s no secret that countries where this product is in high demand are always willing to dish out the money.

Kindly note that Garcinia (Bitter) Kola has a high demand in the following countries;

  • America
  • Britain
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia etc

How to source your Garcinia ( Bitter) Kola for exportation in Nigeria

You may source your Gracinia Kola for export in Eastern, Southern or Western Nigeria at the local markets, sellers will always carry them in small cans or bags.

They are easily purchased and resell to real exporters.

Facts you need to understand about Bitter Kola exportation

  • It does not necessarily require shipment in large amount, depending on your financial outlay, you may start little by doing a trial order
  • With N60k – N80k you can venture into this business, it does not require huge capital
  • Owing to its nature, the exportation is usually through air cargo via courier services, this is expected to reach the buyer within 4 days at most, so as to retain its physical properties in good faith
  • It could be transported either dry, fresh or in powdered form, but mostly dry or fresh form are in high demand.
  • The packaging does not require an airtight material, paper material is usually ideal for aeration, which if not done could change the color or shrink, at this point buyer specification is not met.
  • You can start exporting gracinia Kola from the comfort of your home, it’s not as complex as projected.

Preserving Bitter Kola for exportation

Bitter Kola export business, like any other requires that you understand the basics of keeping the product in shape to meet most buyer specification.

For fresh order, you will need to preserve it at room temperature, this is the best approach, do not use the sunlight, it’s not good for the business.

Spreading bitter kola at room temperature for say 4 days is most certain the best way to meet this specification.

Packaging Bitter Kola for export

It will be good to understand that gracinia kola requires a special packaging, packing in a nylon or airtight ware is not ideal, will have the product shrink, sizable  paper envelops are usually ideal, it ensures aeration, which helps it stay fresh and maximally fit.

How to source client for Bitter Kola export business

This forms the pivot of this guide, the silver lining itself, you sure need real buyers abroad to commence and stay in business, while doing this, it also calls to exercise due diligence to avoid ending up with scammers, there are so many of them on cyber space looking to defraud you having pose as genuine buyers.

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The most method I’ll recommend is making yourself available, this is the practice that ensures you’re seen by buyers in need of this product from oversea.

By this approach, you’ll need a business website, rank it on search engine, once buyers are on a lookout, they’ll land on your website.

Ensure your phone number and email address are easily seen for immediate contact this works like magic, this process might seem a bit complex, but remains the easiest and most effective if you only know how to go about it.

Attain trainings, meet local agents, ask to be linked up, the Nigeria Export Promotion Council can provide assistance in this direction.

You may carry a detailed search about buyers abroad using the Google search engine, prioritize your preferred country, you’d sure get in contact with buyers, this process works but could be a bit risky as you may fall into wrong hands. Background search and due diligence will save you the stress.

Exporting Bitter Kola

You may export as little as 150kg as a trial order, the cost in the international market is around $16-$25 per kg, the local cost ranges between N700 to N1000 per kg depending on the point of its purchase however.

It preferably travels by air cargo via courier service like DHL, UPS etc, this is to hasten the delivery in good faith.

How to receive payment for Bitter Kola export business

I’ll recommend safest ways to receive payment from a foreign buyer, this sums the whole process, if you can’t receive your money then you’ve got no business exporting.

Cash in advance or wire transfer via bank account

This is a practice where you collect the payment for your goods in advance, this usually happens through bank wire transfer.

Credit sales/Letter of Credit

This is a process where the buyer obtains a credit from his bank, authorizing that his bank should pay the seller on his behalf through the seller’s bank.

The seller gets paid once the buyer confirms receipt of goods in good faith, document can then be released for onward clearing where it involves heavy item in a container.

Document against payment/Draft documentary

The seller uses the bank to receive payment, the goods are usually shipped with a bill of Lading through his bank, the bank then forwards it to the buyer’s bank in his country of residence, the buyer’s bank then collects payment from the buyer before releasing the product.

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Bitter Kola export business can be so rewarding, seamless and stress free, just get your buyers, source and package your product according to specification, ship and collect your money with any of the payment method that appeals to you.

Do not forget we’re Hardwood charcoal exporters around the world, we meet buyer specification in line with industry best practice. Your destination is not a barrier, call in for your enquiry let’s commence delivery to your preferred location.

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