April 8, 2020

Key facts every exporter should know about the “Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC)”

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Nigeria Export Promotion Council – As an existing or potential exporter, the need to come to terms with certain existing protocols is pertinent for a smooth export business in good times.

Certain bodies have been saddled with responsibilities of maintaining existing laws in different chains of government institutions, procedures and protocols, that being said, the Nigeria Export Promotion Council thus stands as a body that sees to the affairs and how goods are being exported from Nigeria to the outside world.

As an exporter, it’s duty bound on you to have a first-hand requisite knowledge of the roles the NEPC plays in export proceedings and activities, this benefits you in so many arrangements.

People have continued as ask questions on;

  • Nigerian Export Promotion Council salary
  • Nigerian Export Promotion Council recruitment
  • Importance of Export Promotion Council in Nigeria
  • Functions of Export Promotion Council
  • NEPC training

For the benefit of this subject topic, we’ll deal more on aspects that concern exportation of goods abroad.

Citing NEPC in Exportation

It’s no longer a secret that for anyone to commence export business, aside registering for a business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) which is primarily, they are duty bound by obligation to as well commence and complete their registrations with the Nigeria Export Promotion Council.

As a matter of necessity, NEPC documentations marks the beginning of your journey, that being said, they will avail you the following as a gate pass;

  • Exporter’s Certificate, it’s your eligibility to participate in exportation business
  • This document process happens at the at the NEPC e-registration page.

Functions/importance of Nigeria Export Promotion Council

A number of points below are note worthy, they guide you into basic insights of what the Nigeria Export Promotion Council does and how it stand to benefit you as an exporter.

1. Its activities ensures exporters converge under one umbrella

Bringing exporters together ensures they share ideas, problems or challenges encountered in the line of business. It makes for collective and group learning since colleagues have to learn from others difficulty and possibly how to overcome them. A problem shared is half solve.

2. The body helps exporters with product sourcing for profit making

It’s no brainer that you may have money to execute a business, but lacks necessary acumen required to effect same, parading a brief case of naira notes does not in any way suggest you’ll be successful or equal profitability.

You ought to understand the dynamics and procedures of product sourcing, some products are sourced at a very high price in some locations, while reverse is the case in some other locations.

With a cumulative years of experience, the Export Promotion Council knows where such products could be sourced better, which in turn guarantees your profit thereafter.

It therefore helps exporters with product sourcing in this light.

3. You get to know what products are exportable by their directives

Apparently, not all products are exportable just like not all products are importable, as a beginner probably, the Export Promotion Council keeps you abreast of products that have been sidelined from exportation just in case you have interest in that direction.

With this approach, it ensures you do not embark on misadventure of any kind, which inherently debars you from loss of funds and waste of resources. With Export Promotion Council, you do not stand a chance to learn by errors.

4. Nigeria Export Promotion Council aids you technical support at all times

This support include a number things that certifies you as an exporter ever before you commence.

They include but not limited to;

  • Business registration
  • Informed documentation
  • Product quality and standard certification

The body has the responsibility to ensure you’re properly registered with the Export Promotion Council, this is your first step despite having registered your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Your documents have to be top notch and truly in tune with the dictates of the regulatory ambit, you are not expected to cut corners, government should earn its revenue where applicable, thus loss of revenue cannot be accommodated.

For every exportable product, there are standards to meet, yours must comply with this directive, the Export Promotion Council ensures you are abreast before-hand, as anything shot of recommended standard will not be exported.

These standards come in terms of buyer specification and regulatory provisions in due time.

5. Export Promotion Council supports the exporters financially

This could be another deal breaker, funding forms a basic part of every export business just like any other.

By this arrangement, when you needed funding, the body recommends, directs you on how to get such funding with minimal stress. They have the leverage, once on their recommendation, you’ll have a smooth sailing en-route to fund sourcing.

6. It studies trendy approach alongside tentative research to help exporters

There’s always a need for innovation, necessity informs changes and development, at times there are needs to do things the other way round, technology advances, information gets updated, market shifts focus, demand, price, product and supply take new dimension.

With the Export Promotion Council on ground, rest assured you’ll always have the most recent update in such a timely fashion, when it happens, it’s a product of research and informed studies. The body does this to ensure compliance with advance and industry standard, there lies the point number 6.

7. They notify you about grants when obtainable

Just in case that threw you off balance, grant is money or financial assistance, given by a government, organization, or person for a specific purpose.

In this approach, the grant acquired will assist you to fund your export business.

It usually comes with little or no interest at all, sometimes not returned depending on the scheme.


The role of the Nigeria Export Promotion Council cannot be over stretched or assumed to have been over flogged, to succeed in business, the Council is your foot rest, dependable and always there for you.

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